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Adams, David (2013) Volunteered Geographic Information: Potential Implications for Participatory Planning. Planning Practice and Research, 28 (4). pp. 464-469. ISSN 02697459 (ISSN)

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Gullino, S. and Ritson, James (2013) From transport nodes to places: the contribution of suburban railway stations to healthy, sustainable communities. The case of Surbiton in the Royal Borough of Kingston. In: UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2013, 11 - 13 September, UWE.


Hardman, Michael (2013) Embracing urban agriculture could open new avenues for farmers and the wider industry. Fresh Produce Journal.


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Zaglago, L. and Chapman, C. and Shah, H. (2013) The trust factor: Design team knowledge sharing culture. In: 2013 World Congress on Engineering, WCE 2013, 3 July 2013 through 5 July 2013, London; United Kingdom.

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