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Awan, Imran (2013) Extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. In: Extremism, Counter-Terrorism and Policing. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 5-19. ISBN 9781409453215 (ISBN)

Awan, Imran (2013) International strategies for preventing extremism and terrorism. In: Extremism, Counter-Terrorism and Policing. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 69-85. ISBN 9781409453215 (ISBN)

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Awan, Imran (2013) Policing extremism within a counter-terrorism context. In: Extremism, Counter-Terrorism and Policing. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 21-34. ISBN 9781409453215 (ISBN)

Awan, Imran and Blakemore, B. (2013) Extremism, counter-terrorism and policing. Extremism, Counter-Terrorism and Policing . Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 1-163. ISBN 9781409453215 (ISBN)

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Davies, Haydn (2013) From Equal Protection to Private Law: What Future for Environmental Justice in U.S. Courts? British Journal of American Legal Studies, 2 (1). pp. 163-205. ISSN 2049-4092

Davies, Haydn (2013) The wales sustainable development bill. Environmental Law and Management, 25 (2-3). pp. 99-105. ISSN 10676058 (ISSN)

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Glynn, Martin (2013) Black men’s desistance: the racialisation of crime/criminal justice systems and its impacts on the desistance process. Doctoral thesis, Birmingham City University.

Jackson, Craig and Wilson, David (2013) The gender-neutral timed obstacle course: A valid test of police fitness? Occupational Medicine, 63 (7). pp. 479-484. ISSN 09627480 (ISSN)

Johnson, E. (2013) The Suez crisis at the United Nations: The effects for the foreign office and British foreign policy. In: Reassessing Suez 1956: New Perspectives on the Crisis and its Aftermath. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 165-177. ISBN 9780754692386 (ISBN); 9780754661702 (ISBN)

Johnson, Edward (2013) 'To stay or walk': The British and the Defence of Domestic Jurisdiction at the United Nations 1950-56. In: Britain in Global Politics Volume 2: From Churchill to Blair. Security, Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary World, 2 . Palgrave Macmillan UK, pp. 82-99. ISBN 978-0-230-36039-6

Jones, L. and Brookes, M. and Shuker, R. (2013) An Exploration of Cultural Sensitivity: The Experiences of Offenders Within a Therapeutic Community Prison. Race and Justice, 3 (2). pp. 144-158. ISSN 2153-3687

Jutley-Neilson, J. and Harris, G. and Kirk, J. (2013) The identification and measurement of autistic features in children with septo-optic dysplasia, optic nerve hypoplasia and isolated hypopituitarism. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34 (12). pp. 4310-4318. ISSN 08914222 (ISSN)

Killingley, J. (2013) Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and criminal responsibility. In: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Taylor and Francis, pp. 199-206. ISBN 9781315889665 (ISBN)

MacDonald, Morag (2013) Women prisoners, mental health, violence and abuse. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 36 (3-4). pp. 293-303. ISSN 01602527

MacDonald, Morag and Rabiee-Khan, Fatemeh and Weilandt, Caren (2013) Health promotion and young prisoners: A European perspective. International Journal of Prisoner Health, 9 (3). pp. 151-164. ISSN 1744-9200

Mae Boag, E. and Wilson, David (2013) Does engaging with serious offenders change students' attitude and empathy toward offenders? A thematic analysis. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, 24 (6). pp. 699-712. ISSN 14789949 (ISSN)

Newberry, M. and Williams, N. and Caulfield, L. (2013) Female alcohol consumption, motivations for aggression and aggressive incidents in licensed premises. Addictive Behaviors, 38 (3). pp. 1844-1851. ISSN 03064603 (ISSN)

Nurse, A. (2013) Privatising the green police: The role of NGOs in wildlife law enforcement. Crime, Law and Social Change, 59 (3). pp. 305-318. ISSN 09254994 (ISSN)

Oamen, Philip E. (2013) The Fate of Human Rights in a Period of a State of Emergency in Nigeria. Nigerian National Human Rights Commission Journal, 3. pp. 230-259. ISSN 2276-8599

Oamen, Philip E. and Tijani, Abdulhakeem A. (2013) The Constitutional Jurisdiction of the National Industrial Court: The Unsettled Exclusiveness Question. Ambrose Alli University Law Journal, 3 (1). pp. 1-18.

Sidoli del Ceno, Julian (2013) Construction mediation as a developmental process. International Review of Law, 2013 (1). p. 1. ISSN 2223-859X

Simcock, Peter and Manthorpe, Jill (2013) Deafblind and Neglected or Deafblindness Neglected? Revisiting the Case of Beverley Lewis. The British Journal of Social Work, 44 (8). pp. 2325-2341. ISSN 00453102 (ISSN)

Soepatini, (2013) Entrepreneurship education in Indonesian higher education institutions: a phenomenographic approach to understanding students' and faculty members' perceptions, aspirations and expectations. Doctoral thesis, Birmingham City University.

Waddington, D. and King, M. and Jobard, F. (2013) Introduction and overview: The British and French riots. In: Rioting in the UK and France: A Comparative Analysis. Taylor and Francis, pp. 3-12. ISBN 9781843927143 (ISBN)

Wilson, David (2013) Counterblast: The public criminologist and the democratic under-labourer. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 52 (5). pp. 543-545. ISSN 02655527 (ISSN)

Wilson, David (2013) Mary Ann Cotton: Britain's First Female Serial Killer. Waterside Press. ISBN 9781904380917

Wilson, David and Yardley, Elizabeth (2013) The psychopathy of a Victorian serial killer: integrating micro and macro levels of analysis. Journal of Criminal Psychology, 3 (1). pp. 19-30. ISSN 2009-3829

Yardley, Elizabeth and Wilson, David (2013) Prison for Beginners? The Strengths, Limitations and Potential Applications of Prisoner Handbooks. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 52 (5). pp. 462-478. ISSN 02655527

Yardley, Elizabeth and Wilson, David and Kemp, Diane and Brookes, Michael (2013) Narrative Beyond Prison Gates: Contradiction, Complexity, and Reconciliation. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 59 (2). pp. 159-179. ISSN 0306-624X

Yardley, Elizabeth and Wilson, David and Lynes, Adam (2013) A Taxonomy of Male British Family Annihilators, 1980-2012. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 53 (2). pp. 117-140. ISSN 02655527

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