A practice-led inquiry into the use of still images as a tool for reflective practice and organisational inquiry.

Hill, Geof and Lloyd, Cathryn (2015) A practice-led inquiry into the use of still images as a tool for reflective practice and organisational inquiry. International Journal of Professional Management, 10 (2). ISSN 20422341

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This paper is twofold. Firstly, it posits a reflective practice model for the initial stages of practice-led inquiry, a qualitative research and professional practice inquiry methodology. Practice-led inquiry is generally associated with areas such as creative industries and arts and humanities (Gray 1996; Haseman & Mafe 2011; Wilson 2011). From our respective experiences and research interests we see the potential for the application of practice-led inquiry in other professional disciplines such as business and management. Our understanding is that practice-led inquiry is a natural extension of reflective practice, but in undertaking practice-led inquiry, we were challenged by practical ambiguities presented in the literature around practice-led inquiry, and what we perceived as a theory-practice disjuncture. Initially we found it challenging to know where to start. We have sought to find a way (or an approach) to help other professionals navigate this terrain. Our model is based on the premise that the inquirer is knowledgeable about the practice they are investigating and that starting an inquiry based on their existing knowledge and experience affirms their current practical experience. We see this as a useful and empowering springboard from which to launch into a deeper inquiry to enable further understanding and change.

In the second part of the paper we apply our reflective practice model to an inquiry common to both our professional practices. This entails a practice-led inquiry into the use of images to facilitate reflective practice in organisational settings. Our intention in this application phase is firstly to provide understanding of the power of images as a reflective and interpretive tool. We believe that images provide a powerful process for reflection and inquiry that is useful to professionals working in a range of disciplines. One particular tool called Photolanguage iscommon to both our practices and in this inquiry we seek to make explicit our tacit knowledge of this tool and the broader practice of using images to facilitate reflective practice. Secondly our intent in applying the tool to a real practice inquiry helps to illuminate some of the pitfalls of our model and into undertaking practice-led inquiry with multiple inquirers.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Practice-led inquiry, Reflective Practice, Provenance, Photolanguage, images, organisational inquiry
Subjects: CAH17 - business and management > CAH17-01 - business and management > CAH17-01-04 - management studies
Divisions: Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences > Centre for Study of Practice and Culture in Education (C-SPACE)
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Date Deposited: 23 Mar 2017 14:34
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