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Adams, David and Scott, A.J. and Hardman, M. (2013) Guerrilla warfare in the planning system: Revolutionary progress towards sustainability? Geografiska Annaler, Series B: Human Geography, 95 (4). pp. 375-387. ISSN 04353684 (ISSN)


Carruthers Thomas, Kate (2018) Being Between Binary (Graphic Essay). [Artefact]

Carruthers Thomas, Kate (2021) Being between binary: Personal narratives and power geometry: A visual essay. Sexualities. ISSN 1363-4607

Carruthers Thomas, Kate (2017) From Bourdieu to borderlands: theorising 'belonging' in HE. In: British Educational Research Association Annual Conference 2017, 7-9 September 2017, University of Sussex.

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Carruthers Thomas, Kate (2018) My Brilliant Career? An Investigation. [Artefact]

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Cook, Simon and Davidson, Anna and Stratford, Elaine and Middleton, Jennie and Plyushteva, Anna and Fitt, Helen and Cranston, Sophie and Simpson, Paul and Delaney, Hannah and Evans, Kate and Jones, Amy and Kershaw, Jonathan and Williams, Nina and Bissell, David and Duncan, Tara and Sengers, Frans and Elvy, Joanna and Wilmott, Clancy (2016) Co-Producing Mobilities: negotiating geographical knowledge in a conference session on the move. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 40 (3). pp. 340-374. ISSN 0309-8265

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Downey, Anthony (2016) Future Imperfect: Contemporary Art Practices and Cultural Institutions in the Middle East. Visual Culture in the Middle East, 03 . Sternberg Press, Berlin, Germany. ISBN 978-3-95679-246-5

Downey, Anthony and K, Hiwa and Ali, Bakir and Ginwala, Natasha and Abu Hamdan, Lawrence and Gruijthuijsen, Krist and Mertens, Heike Catherina and Ndikung, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng and Szyłak, Aneta (2017) Don't Shrink Me to the Size of a Bullet: The Works of Hiwa K, edited by Anthony Downey (Walther König Verlag, 2017). Other. Walther König Verlag, London.

Dunn, Gregory Paul (2018) Touching Topography: Negotiating Landscape Encounters with ‘Several Parts’ of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Doctoral thesis, Birmingham City University.


Feng, Huichao and Xiao, Jieling (2019) A Funeral as a Festival: Celebrations of Life in the Mosuo Tribe in China. Architecture and Culture, 6 (3). ISSN 2050-7828


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Gomez Arana, Arantza (2018) Ep. 8 - The History of Gibraltar and why it's problematic for a smooth Brexit. [Audio]

Gomez Arana, Arantza (2017) The European Union's policy towards Mercosur Responsive not strategic. European Policy Research Unit . Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 978-0-7190-9694-5

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Gough, Daniel James (2018) The Privatisation of Violence: An Examination of Private Military and Security Contractors and Their Effect on Sovereignty and Fundamental Rights in a Globalised World. Doctoral thesis, Birmingham City University.

Grace, Michael and Scott, Alister and Proverbs, David and Sadler, Jonathan and Grayson, Nick (2019) The Opportunities for Digital Conservation in Making Smarter Cities More Natural. In: The International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) World Building Congress 2019 – Constructing Smart Cities, 17th - 21st June 2019, Hong Kong.


Hamourtziadou, Lily (2021) Iraq: thousands of police officers have died in the line of duty. The Conversation.

Hamourtziadou, Lily (2021) Killed in the line of duty: the catastrophic deaths of 14,000 Iraqi officers. Open Democracy.

Hamourtziadou, Lily (2021) The ‘end of history’? Iraq between democracy and a hard place. Transforming Society.

Hamourtziadou, Lily and Dardagan, Hamit (2019) EASO Country of Origin Information Iraq Security. European Asylum Support Office, Malta.

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Hearne, David (2020) The Great British Break-up (redux). Centre for Brexit Studies Blog.

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Lynes, Adam (2017) The Road to Murder: Why Driving is the Occupation of Choice for British Serial Murderers. Waterside Press. ISBN 9781909976375


Obremski, Helena and Carter, Claudia (2019) Can Self-Build Housing improve Social Sustainability within Low-Income Groups? Town Planning Review, 90 (2). ISSN 0041-0020


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Reeves-Evison, Theo and Bowsher, Josh (2020) On Capital’s Watch: Derivative Ecology and the Temporal Logic of Biodiversity Credits. New Formations (99). pp. 33-51. ISSN 09502378

Roberts, Anthony, Nigel (2008) Local government relationships with community groups: a case study of Leicester City Council. Doctoral thesis, Birmingham City University.


Schiessel Harvey, Nicki (2019) The Value of Inland Waterways - A Literature Review & Scoping Report. Technical Report. Inland Waterways Association, Chesham, United Kingdom.

Scipión, Danny and Silva, Yamina and Kapetas, Leon and Grace, Mike and Lim, Wen Zyn and Wall, R. and Proverbs, David (2019) Building Resilience in Flood Disaster Management in Northern Peru. Project Report. Birmingham City University, Birmingham, UK.

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