Impact of Motivation on Health and Safety of Semi-Skilled Operatives in Construction SMEs

Khan, Sunan (2023) Impact of Motivation on Health and Safety of Semi-Skilled Operatives in Construction SMEs. Doctoral thesis, Birmingham City University.

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Semi-Skilled construction operatives in SMEs around the world suffer from extensive injuries and fatalities due to the dynamic nature of their work. Large construction firms have greater resources to support efforts for ensuring the health and safety of their workers. In contrast, Construction SMEs often do not possess such resources and have limited funds to invest in the health and safety of their workers. In such SMEs, semi-skilled operatives are one of the most vulnerable types of construction workers as they are often not provided with adequate safety equipment and training. In addition, the motivation of these workers is a major factor that affects their safety behaviours, including their participation in following regular safety protocols. Motivation is also viewed as an important aspect because when workers experience safe work environments, they are more motivated to complete their tasks efficiently, hence motivation is revealed to be a vital force for increasing workers productivity. This study investigated the impact of motivation on semi-skilled operatives health and safety in Construction SMEs of Birmingham UK.

Based on an in-depth review and synthesis of the relevant literature, a conceptual framework was developed of the relationship between motivational factors and health and safety outcomes for semi-skilled operatives working in Construction SMEs. To test this framework, a primary qualitative research methodology was adapted involving a total of 20 semi-structured interviews with semi-skilled operatives working for Construction SMEs. These interviews explored the operative’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors and their effect on their safety outcomes. The views and insights gained were interrogated using a thematic content analysis approach.

The results revealed a significant relationship between extrinsic motivational factors and intrinsic motivational factors, with both having cumulative impacts on the health and safety of semi-skilled construction operatives. Key extrinsic factors were found to include the manager’s role, working conditions, respectful environment, and safety training, while the key intrinsic factors consist of stress and job satisfaction. It was found that the role of the management and their level of commitment towards the health and safety of the workers have direct effects on the stress and job satisfaction of the workers. In addition, working conditions, a respectful workplace environment and safety training also affect stress and job satisfaction. Based on the findings, the key indicators of health and safety outcomes of semi-skilled operatives at Construction SMEs in the UK consist of stress, job dissatisfaction, working conditions, disrespect, and poor safety training.

The study implies that there are several crucial issues in the health and safety management of semi-skilled operatives employed in Construction SMEs in the Birmingham UK. As a result of incompetent practices, many problems arise at the workplace. Improved practice, commitment and involvement of the management is vital to resolve these issues. Motivation can be used as an important solution by fulfilling the needs of the workforce and providing them with the support, training, PPE equipment to bring about appropriate health and safety practices, and thereby the wellbeing of workers.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
6 December 2022Submitted
23 November 2023Accepted
Uncontrolled Keywords: Health and safety; motivation; intrinsic factors, extrinsic factors; semi-skilled construction operatives, conceptual framework, SEM’s, small and medium construction firms.
Subjects: CAH13 - architecture, building and planning > CAH13-01 - architecture, building and planning > CAH13-01-02 - building
CAH17 - business and management > CAH17-01 - business and management > CAH17-01-05 - human resource management
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Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment > College of Built Environment
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Date Deposited: 26 Jan 2024 14:19
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