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Andrews, Kehinde (2020) The Post-Racial Princess: Delusions of racial progress and intersectional failures. Women's Studies International Forum, 84. ISSN 0277-5395

Ball, Kirstie and Canhoto, A.I. and Daniel, E. and Dibb, S. and Meadows, Maureen and Spiller, Keith (2020) Organizational tensions arising from mandatory data exchange between the private and public sector: The case of financial services. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 155 (6). ISSN 0040-1625

Burgum, Samuel (2020) This City Is An Archive: Squatting History and Urban Authority. Journal of Urban History, 48 (3). pp. 504-522. ISSN 0096-1442

Carruthers Thomas, Kate (2020) An alternative dynamics of research dissemination? The case of the g word tour. Qualitative Research. ISSN 1741-3109

Colliver, Ben and Coyle, Adrian (2020) Risk of Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls in the Construction of Gender-Neutral Toilets: A Discourse Analysis of Comments on YouTube Videos. Journal of Gender Based Violence, 4 (2). ISSN 2398-6808

Colliver, Ben and Silvestri, Marisa (2020) The role of (in)visibility in hate crime targeting transgender people. Criminology and Criminal Justice. ISSN 1748-8958

Hamourtziadou, Lily (2020) Casualties of ‘war on terror’ in Iraq: life, security and liberty. Open Democracy.

Hamourtziadou, Lily (2020) IRAQ 2020: Legitimacy, security and war crime let-offs. Iraq Body Count.

Hamourtziadou, Lily (2020) Security challenges of the 21st century: new challenges and perspectives. Global Faultlines, 6 (2). pp. 121-123. ISSN 2054-2089

Hamourtziadou, Lily and Gokay, Bulent (2020) Neoliberalism and the Killing for Profit in Iraq. Global research; Centre for Research on Globalisation.

Hamourtziadou, Lily and Gokay, Bulent (2020) The Promised Spring: Death and Neoliberalism in Iraq. Security Dialogues, 11 (1). pp. 45-60. ISSN 1857-7172

Hamourtziadou, Lily and Jackson, Jonathan (2020) Covid 19 and the myth of security. Journal of Global Faultlines, 7 (1). pp. 96-98. ISSN 2397-7825

Hamourtziadou, Lily and Jackson, Jonathan (2020) Winning Wars: The Triumphs and Myths of Technology. Global Faultlines, 6 (2). ISSN 2054-2089

Hearne, David (2020) Regional Prices and Real Incomes in the UK. Regional Studies. ISSN 0034-3404

Hoffin, Kevin (2020) Glocalization, bricolage and black metal: Towards a music-centric youth culture simultaneously exemplifying the global and the glocal. Metal Music Studies, 6 (1). ISSN 2052-3998

Lynes, Adam and Kelly, Craig and Kelly, Emma (2020) THUG LIFE Drill music as a periscope into urban violence in the consumer age. British Journal of Criminology. ISSN 0007-0955

MacDonald, Morag and Kane, David and Williams, James J. (2020) Protecting women with multiple and complex needs from gendered violence: Impediments to obtaining and maintaining safe and secure accommodation in a European context. Journal of Gender Based Violence. ISSN 2398-6808

Narayan, John (2020) Survival Pending Revolution: Self-determination in the age of proto-neo-liberal globalization. Current Sociology, 68 (2). pp. 187-203. ISSN 0011-3921

Rahman, Mohammed and McLean, Robert and Deuchar, Ross and Densley, James (2020) Who are the enforcers? The motives and methods of muscle for hire in West Scotland and the West Midlands. Trends in Organized Crime. ISSN 1084-4791

Robinson - Edwards, Shona and Kennedy, Morag and Yardley, Elizabeth and Kelly, Emma (2020) The Arts, Rehabilitation or Both? Experiences of Mentoring Artists in Prison and Beyond. Howard Journal of Criminal Justice. ISSN 0265-5527

Spiller, Keith (2020) ‘Putting everything up there’: framing how we navigate the intricacies of privacy and security on social media. Humanity and Society. ISSN 0160-5976

Whiting, Andrew and Campbell, Ben and Spiller, Keith and Awan, Imran (2020) The prevent duty in UK higher education: Insights from freedom of information requests. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations. ISSN 1369-1481

Wignall, Liam and Stirling, Jade and Scoats, Ryan (2020) UK University Students’ Perceptions and Negotiations of Sexual Consent. Psychology & Sexuality, 13 (3). pp. 474-486. ISSN 1941-9902

Yardley, Elizabeth (2020) The Killing of Women in 'Sex Games Gone Wrong': An analysis of femicides in Great Britain 2000-2018. Violence Against Women. ISSN 1077-8012

Yardley, Elizabeth (2020) Technology-Facilitated Domestic Abuse in Political Economy: A new theoretical framework. Violence Against Women. ISSN 1077-8012

de Ruyter, A. and Hearne, David and Beer, J. and Zaman, Y (2020) Brexit, Birmingham and the 2022 Commonwealth Games: an opportunity for regeneration and rejuvenation? Managing Sport and Leisure. ISSN 2375-0480

Book Section

Carruthers Thomas, Kate (2020) Gender and the University: Stories So Far and Spaces Between. In: Social Theory and the Politics of Higher Education: Critical Perspectives on Institutional Research. Social Theory and Methodology in Education Research, 1 . Bloomsbury Academic, London, p. 133. ISBN 9781350141551

Colliver, Ben (2020) Representation of LGBTQ Communities in the Grand Theft Auto Series. In: Video Games, Crime and Next-Gen Deviance: Reorienting the Debate. Emerald Publishing. ISBN 9781838674502

Nahaboo, Zaki (2020) Making Ritual Enactments Political: Free Speech After the Charlie Hebdo Attacks. In: Ritual and Democracy: Protests, Publics and Performances. Equinox Publishing, pp. 48-64. ISBN 9781781799741

Rahman, Mohammed (2020) Outlaw Biker Clubs: A Case Study Exploration of Collective Violence. In: The Handbook of Collective Violence: Current Developments and Understanding. Routledge, London, pp. 329-339. ISBN 9780367186548

Whiting, Andrew and Jarvis, Lee and Macdonald, Stuart (2020) Cyberterrorism: Understandings, Debates and Representations. In: The Oxford Handbook of the History of Terrorism. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199858569


Awan, Imran and Khan-Williams, Roxana (2020) Coronavirus, fear and how Islamophobia spreads on social media. Project Report. Research Briefing Report, Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group.


Hamourtziadou, Lily (2020) Body Count: The War on Terror and Civilian Deaths in Iraq. Bristol University Press, Bristol. ISBN 9781529206739

Kewley, Stephanie and Pemberton, Sarah and Rahman, Mohammed (2020) Preventing Sexual Harm: Positive Criminology and Sexual Abuse. Routledge. ISBN 9780815353669

Whiting, Andrew (2020) Constructing cybersecurity: Power, expertise and the internet security industry. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9781526123329


Hamourtziadou, Lily (2020) Recent Events in Iraq. Iraq Body Count.

Hamourtziadou, Lily and Jackson, Jonathan (2020) Dragons, Snakes and Covid-19: Old and new threats to our security. Birmingham City University.

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