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Ahmed, Hafiz and Benbouzid, Mohamed (2021) Adaptive Observer-Based Grid-Synchronization and Sequence Extraction Techniques for Renewable Energy Systems: A Comparative Analysis. Applied Sciences, 11 (2). e653. ISSN 2076-3417

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Krzyzanowski, Michal and Svyetlichnyy, Dmytro (2021) A Multiphysics Simulation Approach to Selective Laser Melting Modelling based on Cellular Automata and Lattice Boltzmann Methods. Computational Particle Mechanics. ISSN 2196-4386

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Tavousi, Ebrahim and Perera, Noel and Flynn, Dominic and Hasan, Reaz (2023) Numerical investigation of laminar heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of Al2O3 nanofluid in a double tube heat exchanger. International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat and Fluid Flow. ISSN 0961-5539

Book Section

Krzyzanowski, Michal and Beynon, John H. (2009) Interface Effects for Deformation Processes. In: Fundamentals of Modeling for Metals Processing. ASM International, pp. 127-143. ISBN 978-1-61503-001-9

Conference or Workshop Item

Bajda, Szymon and Krzyzanowski, Michal and Cholewa-Kowalska, Katarzyna and Dziadek, Michal and Tokarski, Tomasz (2019) Analysis of the porosity degree during laser-assisted cladding of bioactive glass on titanium substrates with highly refined grain structure. In: ANNIC 2019 Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference, November 18 - 20, 2019, Paris, France.

Bajda, Szymon and Liu, Yijun and Krzyzanowski, Michal and Dymek, Stanislaw (2019) Bioactive glass S520 laser cladding on ultrafine-grained pure titanium substrates. In: 30th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials ESB 2019, 9 - 13 September 2019, Dresden, Germany.

Colombo, Mattia and Dolhasz, Alan and Hockman, Jason and Harvey, Carlo (2022) Acoustic Rendering Based on Geometry Reduction and Acoustic Material Classification. In: IEEE Conference on Games (CoG) 2022, 21st - 24th August 2022, Beijing (Virtual).

Cooper, Frank (2016) Do the New, Low-Cost Photopolymer 3D Printers Now Becoming Available Have a Place in the Jewelry Manufacturing Environment? In: Santa Fe Symposium, Albuquerque NM USA.

Cooper, Frank (2018) How Do You Replace The Irreplaceable? In: The Santa Fe Symposium, 20th - 23rd May 2018, Albuquerque New Mexico.

Fletcher, David and Cooper, Frank (2018) The Precious Project: Polishing and Finishing of Additive Manufacturing (AM) Jewelry. In: Thirty-Second Santa Fe Symposium, 20th - 23rd May 2018, Albuquerque New Mexico.

Pathberiyage, Nadee Tharaka Dharmasiri and Delzendeh, Elham and Cheung, Franco and Mateo-Garcia, Monica (2023) A Conceptual Model for Assessing Circularity Potential of Building Materials at the Product Manufacturing Stage. In: XVI International Conference on Durability of Building Materials and Components, 2023, China.

Svyetlichnyy, Dmytro and Krzyzanowski, Michal (2018) Energy transfer including solid-liquid phase transformation aspects in modelling of additive layer manufacturing using Lattice Boltzmann-Cellular automata methods. In: ICCHMT 2018 International Conference on Computational Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer, 21-24 May 2018, Cracow, Poland.


Neighbour, Gareth B and Oraifige, I., eds. (2017) Thoughts and Reflections on the Use of Magnesium. Birmingham City University. ISBN 978-1-904839-90-3

Krzyzanowski, Michal and Beynon, John H. and Farrugia, Didier C. J. (2010) Oxide Scale Behavior in High Temperature Metal Processing. Wiley‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA. ISBN 9783527325184

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