The Life of EU money: value, credit and capital as societal processes

Cattelan, Valentino (2022) The Life of EU money: value, credit and capital as societal processes. In: Money Law, Capital, and the Changing Identity of the European Union. Hart Publishing, London, pp. 1-8.

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Far from being a neutral medium of exchange, not only does money affect daily market operations, but shapes the social Life of the community that it sustains. In fact, while intrinsically connected to a whole of social, normative, and political interrelated factors, this Life is mirrored into the single life of each social/economic relation for which money both acts as ‘matter’ (the substance of value) and ‘energy’ (its inherent potential of being credit).
Moving from Georg Simmel’s interpretation of money as ‘pure relation’ which subsists in form of circulation, sociation and human interactivity, this chapter looks at the European polity as a community in transition and at the role of money both as ‘matter’ and ‘energy’ for this community.
By introducing the conceptual framework of the volume, general reflections are advanced on the changing identity of the EU in relation to a socio-economic landscape increasingly dominated by technology, whose contemporary existence has been dramatically affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. At the crossroads of these drivers for change, if the value of EU money is evolving towards a digitalisation of payments that governs our daily life, the changing nature of EU credit itself is also implying a re-definition of the directions taken by EU (venture) capital. It is about the political implications of these phenomena that the Life of the EU polity can find in the investigation of money a novel approach of study. Either as a specific ‘particle’ in the market, or as a ‘wave’ in the flow of credits and capital investments, the extraordinary nature of money can shed light over the changing identity of the EU: an understanding towards which all the chapters collected in the volume contribute.

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