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Abbott, Keeley and Earnshaw, Deborah and Eadon, Sophie and Hanlon, Olivia (2024) ‘It’s a much bigger deal than people think’: UK undergraduate University students’ discussions around sexual consent. International Journal of Educational Research, 127. ISSN 0883-0355

Akinlolu, Mariam and Omotayo, Temitope and Ebohon, Obas John and Ekundayo, Damilola (2023) An Analysis of the Mediational Effect of Socio-Cultural Factors on Student’s Career Choice Outcomes in the Built Environment: Applying the Socio-Cognitive Career Theory. Education Sciences, 13 (10). ISSN 2227-7102


Bravington, Alison and Chen, Hong and Dyson, Judith and Jones, Lesley and Dalgliesh, Christopher and Bryan, Amee and Patnick, Julietta and Macleod, Una (2022) Translating qualitative data into intervention content using the Theoretical Domains Framework and stakeholder co-design: A worked example from a study of cervical screening attendance in older women. BMC Health Services Research, 22. p. 610. ISSN 1472-6963

Bridger, Emma K. and Hewett, Angela and Comerford, David A. (2023) Dispositional and situational attributions for why the rich live longer than the poor. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. ISSN 0021-9029


Eid, Farah and Parker, Samuel (2023) Developing a sense of belonging among biracial individuals: a case study exploring the social context. SN Social Sciences, 3. p. 180. ISSN 2662-9283


Farooqi, Aaisha and Ryan, Brendan and Cobb, Sue (2021) Using expert perspectives to explore factors affecting choice of methods in safety analysis. Safety Science, 146. p. 105571. ISSN 0925-7535


Groves, Vicki and Ridley, Bethany J. and Cornelissen, Piers L. and Maalin, Nadia and Mohamed, Sophie and Kramer, Robin S. S. and McCarty, Kristofor and Tovee, Martin and Cornelissen, Katri K. (2023) Men's perception of current and ideal body composition and the influence of media internalization on body judgements. Frontiers in Psychology, 14. ISSN 1664-1078

Gruda, Dritjon and Ojo, Adegboyega and Psychogios, Alexandros (2022) Don’t You Tweet me Badly: Anxiety Contagion between Leaders and Followers in Computer-Mediated Communication during COVID-19. PLOS ONE. ISSN 1932-6203


Harvey, Emily and Abbott, Keeley and Parker, Sam and Marcano-Olivier, Mariel (2024) “Context and Safety Are Everything”: Exploring How Pansexual Individuals Mark and Express Their Identity. Journal of Bisexuality. ISSN 1529-9716

Hobson, Hannah M. and Woodley, Jemma and Gamblen, Samantha and Brackely, Joanna and O'Neill, Fiona and Miles, Danielle and Westwood, Claire (2022) The impact of Developmental Language Disorder in a defendant's description on mock jurors' perceptions and judgements. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. ISSN 1368-2822


Jackson, Emily and Galvin, John and Warrier, Varun and Baron-Cohen, Simon and Luo, Shanhong and Dunbar, Robin and Proctor, Hannah and Lee, Eva and Richards, Gareth (2022) Evidence of assortative mating for theory of mind via facial expressions but not language. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. ISSN 0265-4075


Khong, Hang and Celik, Ismail and Le, Tinh T. T. and Lai, Van Thi Thanh and Nguyen, Andy and Bui, Hong T. M. (2022) Examining Teachers’ Behavioural Intention for Online Teaching After COVID-19 Pandemic: A Large-Scale Survey. Education and Information Technologies. ISSN 1360-2357


Maritsa, Evangelia and Goula, Aspasia and Psychogios, Alexandros and Georgios, Pierrakos (2022) Leadership Development: Exploring Relational Leadership Im-plications in Healthcare Organizations. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19 (23). p. 15971. ISSN 1660-4601

Melega, Greta and Lancelotte, Fiona and Johnen, Ann-Kathrin and Hornberger, Michael and Levine, Brian and Renoult, Louis (2024) Evoking Episodic and Semantic Details with Instructional Manipulation: the Semantic Autobiographical Interview. Psychology and Aging, 39 (4). pp. 378-390. ISSN 0882-7974


Prouska, Rea and Nyfoudi, Margarita and Psychogios, Alexandros and Szamosi, Leslie Thomas and Wilkinson, Adrian (2022) Solidarity in Action at a Time of Crisis: The Role of Employee Voice in Relation to Communication and Horizontal Solidarity Behaviour. British Journal of Management. ISSN 1467-8551

Psychogios, Alexandros (2022) Re-conceptualising Total Quality Leadership: A framework development and future research agenda. The TQM Journal. ISSN 1754-2731

Psychogios, Alexandros and Gruda, Dritjon and Adegboyega, Ojo (2023) Tweet you right back: Follower anxiety predicts leader anxiety in social media interactions during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. PLOS ONE, 18 (2). ISSN 1932-6203


Reidy, Kerry and Abbott, Keeley and Parker, Sam (2023) ‘So they hit each other’: Gendered constructions of domestic abuse in the YouTube commentary of the Depp v Heard Trial. Critical Discourse Studies. ISSN 1740-5904

Rosewood, Emily and Hammond, Laura (2023) The Impacts of Conservatism, Social Dominance, and Rape Myth Acceptance on Blame Attribution in Ambiguous Rape Scenarios. Violence Against Women. ISSN 1077-8012

Roy, Taposh and Psychogios, Alexandros (2022) CSR perceptions and employee behaviour: Evidence from Bangladesh. Journal of General Management. ISSN 0306-3070

Rudolfsson, Lisa and Hammond, Laura and Bjorklund, Christina (2024) Rape Victims’ Perceptions of Quality of Encounters with the Swedish Police. Violence Against Women. ISSN 1077-8012


Shobiye, Laura and Parker, Samuel (2022) Narratives of coercive precarity experienced by mothers seeking asylum in the UK (Wales). Ethnic and Racial Studies. ISSN 0141-9870

Spiridon, Elena and Davies, Jean L. and Kaye, Linda K. and Nicolson, Roderick I. and Tang, Bryan W. X. and Tan, Angel J. Y. and Ransom, Heather J. (2020) Exploring the impact of group identity at university on psychological and behavioural outcomes. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 45 (7). pp. 932-942. ISSN 0309-877X

Spiridon, Elena and Kaye, Linda K. and Nicolson, Roderick I. and Ransom, Heather J. and Tan, Angel J. Y. and Tang, Bryan W. X. (2020) Integrated learning communities as a peer support initiative for first year university students. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 50 (7). pp. 394-405. ISSN 0021-9029


Tan, Angel J. Y. and Davies, Jean L. and Nicolson, Roderick I. and Karaminis, Themis (2023) A technology-enhanced learning intervention for statistics in higher education using bite-sized video-based learning and precision teaching. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning.

Tan, Angel J. Y. and Kaye, Linda K. and Spiridon, Elena and Davies, Jean L. and Nicolson, Roderick I. and Karaminis, Themis (2023) Bite-sized and peer-assisted video-based learning in statistics education: benefits on attainment, attitudes and preferences of university students. International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 15 (2). pp. 143-163. ISSN 1753-5255


van den Tol, Annemieke and Coulthard, Helen and Lang, Victoria and Wallis, Deborah J. (2022) Are music listening strategies associated with reduced food consumption following negative mood inductions; a series of three exploratory experimental studies. Appetite, 172. ISSN 0195-6663

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