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Arshad, Saadia and Arshad, Junaid and Khan, Muhammad Mubashir and Parkinson, Simon (2021) Analysis of security and privacy challenges for DNA-genomics applications and databases. Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 119. ISSN 1532-0464

Boulila, Wadii and Shah, Syed Aziz and Ahmad, Jawad and Driss, Maha and Ghandorh, Hamza and Alsaeedi, Abdullah and Al-Sarem, Mohammed and Saeed, Faisal (2021) Noninvasive Detection of Respiratory Disorder Due to COVID-19 at the Early Stages in Saudi Arabia. Electronics, 10 (21). e2701. ISSN 2079-9292

Debe, Mazin and Salah, Khaled and Jayaraman, Raja and Arshad, Junaid (2021) Trustworthy Blockchain Gateways for Resource-Constrained Clients and IoT Devices. IEEE ACCESS, 9. ISSN 2169-3536

Foss, J. (2009) Lessons from learning in virtual environments. British Journal of Educational Technology, 40 (3). pp. 556-560. ISSN 00071013 (ISSN)

Ghaleb, Fuad and Al-rimy, Bander and Boulila, Wadii and Saeed, Faisal and Kamat, Maznah and Rohan, Mohd. Foad and Abd Razak, Shukor (2021) Fairness-Oriented Semichaotic Genetic Algorithm-Based Channel Assignment Technique for Node Starvation Problem in Wireless Mesh Networks. Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, 2021. ISSN 1687-5265

Hassan, Sara and Bahsoon, Rami and Minku, Leandro and Ali, Nour (2021) Dynamic Evaluation of Microservice Granularity Adaptation. Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems. ISSN 1556-4665 (In Press)

Khan, Kashif Mehboob and Arshad, Junaid and Iqbal, Waheed and Abdullah, Sidrah and Zaib, Hassan (2021) Blockchain-enabled Real-time SLA Monitoring for Cloud-hosted Services. Cluster Computing. ISSN 1386-7857

Mansour, Huda and Siraj, Maheyzah and Ghaleb, Fuad and Saeed, Faisal and Alkhammash, Eman and Maarof, Mohd (2021) Quasi-Identifiers Recognition Algorithm for Privacy Preservation of Cloud Data Based on Risk Re-Identification. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 2021. p. 7154705. ISSN 1530-8669

Moujahid, Hicham and Cherradi, Bouchaib and Al-Sarem, Mohammed and Bahatti, Lhoussain and Eljialy, Bakr Assedik and Alsaeedi, Abdullah and Saeed, Faisal (2021) Combining CNN and Grad-Cam for COVID-19 Disease Prediction and Visual Explanation. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, 32 (2). pp. 723-745. ISSN 1079-8587

Nasir, Muhammad Hassan and Arshad, Junaid and Khan, Muhammad Mubashir and Fatima, Mahawish and Salah, Khaled and Jayaraman, Raja (2021) Scalable Blockchains - A Systematic Review. Future Generation Computer Systems, 126. ISSN 0167-739X

Rakha, Ahmed and Hettiarachchi, Hansi and Rady, Dina and Gaber, Mohamed Medhat and Rakha, Emad and Abdelsamea, Mohammed M. (2021) Predicting the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom Using Time-Series Mining. Economies, 9 (4). e137. ISSN 2227-7099

Conference or Workshop Item

Adaros-Boye, Carolina and Kearney, Paul and Josephs, Mark and Ulmer, Hans (2021) An Indicators-of-Risk Library for Industrial Network Security. In: International Workshop on SecRS: Secure and resilient smart manufacturing environments (SecRS), ARES 2021 Virtual Conference.

Andreea Dalia, Blaga and Maite, Frutos-Pascual and Chris, Creed and Ian, Williams (2021) A Grasp on Reality: Understanding Grasping Patterns for Object Interaction in Real and Virtual Environments. In: IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 4th - 8th October 2021, Bari, Italy (Online).

Aziz, Farkhandah and Creed, Chris and Frutos-Pascual, Maite and Williams, Ian (2021) Inclusive Voice Interaction Techniques for Creative Object Positioning. In: ICMI 2021, 18th - 22nd Oct 2021, Montreal.

Becky, Spittle (2021) Maximising the Transferability of Interaction Techniques for Immersive Technologies. In: IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 4th - 8th October 2021, Bari, Italy.

Becky, Spittle and Wenge, Xu and Maite, Frutos-Pascual and Chris, Creed and Ian, Williams (2021) Socially Distanced: Have user evaluation methods for Immersive Technologies changed during the COVID-19 pandemic? In: IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 4th - 8th October 2021, Bari, Italy (Online).

Blaga, Andreea-Dalia and Frutos-Pascual, Maite and Creed, Chris and Williams, Ian (2021) Freehand Grasping: An Analysis of Grasping for Docking Tasks in Virtual Reality. In: 2021 IEEE Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 27th March - 1st April 2021, Lisboa, Portugal.

Frutos-Pascual, Maite and Harrison, Jake and Creed, Chris and Williams, Ian (2019) Evaluation of Ultrasound Haptics as a Supplementary Feedback Cue for Grasping in Virtual Environments. In: ICMI '19: 2019 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 14th-18th October 2019, Suzhou, Chinaa.

Gibson, David (2016) Novel designer plastic trumpet bells for brass instruments. In: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA2016), 12-14 July, London.

Gibson, David (2016) Novel designer plastic trumpet bells for brass instruments: Experimental Comparisons. In: 23rd International Conference on Electroniishe Medien and Kunst, Kultur und Histoire, Berlin.

Gibson, David and Spry, Adam and Pope, Matthew (2017) Considerations for the Design of Composite 3D Printed ‘Intermediate Level’ Trumpets. In: Electronic Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2017), 11-13 July, London.

Jianpeng, Cao and Vakaj, Edlira and Daniel, Hall (2021) Ontology-Based Cloud Manufacturing Framework in Industrialized Construction. In: 11th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2021), 11th - 18th September 2021, Bolzano, Italy.

Monteiro, Diego and Liang, Hai-Ning and Wang, Xian and Xu, Wenge and Tu, Huawei (2021) Design and Development of a Low-cost Device for Weight and Center of Gravity Simulation in Virtual Reality. In: 23rd ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, 18th - 22nd Oct 2021, Montréal QC, Canada.

Muhammad, Mujahid and Kearney, Paul and Aneiba, Adel and Arshad, Junaid and Kunz, Andreas (2021) RMCCS: RSSI-based Message Consistency Checking Scheme for V2V Communications. In: 18th International Conference on Security and Cryptography SECRYPT 2021, 6-8th July 2021, online streaming.

Sarcar, Sayan (2021) Word Cloud for Meeting: A Visualization System for DHH People in Online Meetings. In: 23rd International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (ASSETS ’21), 18th - 22nd Oct 2021, Online.

Wen, Shaoyue and Liu, Jing and Xu, Wenge (2021) A Novel Lesion Segmentation Algorithm based on U-Net Network for Tuberculosis CT Image. In: 2021 International Conference on Control, Automation and Information Sciences, 14th - 17th October 2021, Xi'an, China. (In Press)

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